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This book will have you exploring coloring while you meditate

on the inspirational word of our Heavenly Father.

In 2017, I started creating flyers with my favorite Bible verses

and my favorite cartoons. These flyers are made to be

devotional, praise of “Thank You” to the Father, the Son and the

Holy Ghost and to glorify their names. People are (almost)

always happy when they get one of my flyers. At the time of this

writing, January 2nd 2021, I have only sold two of my books, but

I have given away nearly 150 books to family, friends and


As you can see, I really enjoy giving my flyers away to people.

One thing I did not mention is, before I give someone a flyer, I

first ask them if they like cartoons. If they say “YES”, then I ask

if they are more of a cat person or dog person? Finally, I ask

them “I can show you how to draw you a cat or a dog cartoon in

one minute, would you like to see how?” After I finish showing

them how to draw their favorite pet, I flip the paper over and

show them the Bible verse flyer.

2 books for $22

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4 books for $40

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8 books for $72

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